New Zealand and Australia are island countries situated, as discovered by the English explorer James Cook, at the end of the world. Floating in the Pacific Ocean and separated by the Tasman Sea.

New Zealand comprises of two islands. The north island and the south island and are separated by the Cook Strait. The Maori - Polynesian seafarers, the first inhabitants, accustomed to seeing a long mass of white cloud from the high seas, named New Zealand “Aoteraroa” – the land of the long white cloud.

Australia is a massive island, possessing most geographical contrasts, is flanked by five Oceans, the Indian, Timor, Arafura, Coral and Pacific.

The geographical isolation and late colonisation have played in their favour. Low density population (4.5 and 18 million habitants respectively), exuberant topography of high alpine and coastline, sunny temperate climates, has converted, in only two centuries of development, these countries into the most valued sources of natural products and quality of life. Few people know that the first light of each new day shines onto the eastern coastline of New Zealand. A cooperative and benign sun caresses the coasts, gardens and farms, guaranteeing year round supply of beef and lamb grown on open pastures, fresh wild fish, fruits, vegetables and unprocessed dairy products.

The best place to value the reputation of New Zealand and Australia is on our tables. From Australian Gourmet – Dean Malcolm imports the most select products of New Zealand and Australia.

The planet ever more populated, polluted and socially complicated our technological age permits that we can enjoy the best from the land of the long white cloud. From your pallet and taste sensations, you can travel and know these lands that promote a natural, simple and socially integrated lifestyle.

Australian Gourmet has been created and grown with the constant effort of one New Zealander based in Barcelona since 1997, who has slowly built a well-earned reputation for his unforgettable Rack of Lamb, Lamb tenderloin, Venison Fillet and Wagyu beef.

“At Australian Gourmet I deeply believe in what I provide: quality meats that connect you with the fundamental integrity of the natural production process.”

“I wish to pass a message of consciousness about how we eat meats, the quality of them and the relation they have to our health and well being. I advise that we should only eat meats of the highest quality and in lesser quantities, for example 1 to 2 times per week in addition to a diet based principally on a full range of pesticide and stimulant free fruits, vegetables, quality grains and nuts”.

Dean Malcolm

Australian Gourmet

Australian Gourmet